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Buy bitcoin – into your own wallet

Pocket automatically exchanges your bank transfers into bitcoin and sends them directly to your own bitcoin wallet.

No account, no registration, straight from your banking app.


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Safest way to buy and hold bitcoin


Once Set up your wallet

Connect your existing Bitcoin wallet with Pocket or set up a new one with our help.


Anytime Make a bank transfer

Transfer anytime and as much as you want to your Pocket account. As soon as your payment arrives, it is exchanged into bitcoin.


Automatically Receive bitcoin into your wallet

Your bitcoin are automatically transferred to your own Bitcoin wallet. You are notified by email and don't have to worry about anything.

We guide you all the way

Best rates

Simple 1.5% fees without fixed minimum fee. You will always receive your bitcoin at the most attractive exchange rate.

Talk to a human

Personal support is extremely important to us. That's why we are always available for you, even by phone.

Full control

Pocket sends your bitcoin to your own wallet automatically, so you always have full control over your assets.

Instant payments

When you're in a hurry, your bitcoin are only a few minutes away from you, thanks to instant payments.

Give bitcoin

We have the perfect gift to introduce friends and family to the world of Bitcoin.

Transaction overview

Get an overview of your transactions at any time and export them for tax purposes.

Used and loved by thousands

Uninstalled all #Bitcoin trading apps. Only @PocketBitcoin DCA from now on. Zen mode activated ✌🏻


People don’t talk enough about @PocketBitcoin! Amazingly easy to use. #StackSats


This is my #BlackFriday treat, stacking some sats directly into my #BitBox02 hardware wallet.

* No signup, just email for updates

* set up once, then just send fiat whenever

* confirm directly in BitBoxApp

Love the process, @PocketBitcoin!


Great service, they receive the funds instantly and credit my account.

The customer service is always available by phone and very helpfull. I recommend.

Trustpilot Review

💯 I am DCA’ing with @PocketBitcoin ➡️ @ShiftCryptoHQ BitBox02


@PocketBitcoin no 1 in Europe.


Buying Bitcoin made easy. Directly to your own hardware wallet. Just awesome!

Google Review

Minor #BTC stacking just occurred using the ever helpful @PocketBitcoin (great for #European buys direct to hardwallet)


And my next stack arrived from @PocketBitcoin <3 #Bitcoin


BIG SALE TODAY! #buythedip #Bitcoin #Satoshi @PocketBitcoin



Bitcoin only and no full kyc


Top customer service. Fast and easy to use!

Trustpilot Review

Just used the @PocketBitcoin instant payment feature. Amazingly fast: 26 minutes from sending money to completing the purchase. Yeah.

Highly recommended service to buy Bitcoin, the process is very easy and simple, the website is really well made and clean just like the process, and no personal information demanded, no photos, no apps, no accounts.I wish more services took this approach. Its the only service I use for recurring buys.

Trustpilot Review

Annnnd my weekly #Bitcoin stack from @PocketBitcoin arrived


Pocket ❤️


I use Pocket since 2021 monthly. Up todate there were no issues. I receive my sats every time the same day into my wallet as my Bank transfers the fiat. I m using automaticly monthly payments (standing order)! Thats great!

One time i make a single payment and missed a sign in reference. They contacted me via e-mail and changed it manualy and I got my BTC. Great support!

Trustpilot Review

Top service. I had just accidentally used the wrong payment reference. After a short phone call without waiting I was helped.

Google Review

Just buy a hardware wallet and get your BTC from @PocketBitcoin

#bitbox02 @ShiftCryptoHQ —> @PocketBitcoin = killercombo

I use @PocketBitcoin. Most convenient way to stack BTC imho


Everything worked flawlessly. One of the easiest ways to stack sats.

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Blocktrainer Review

Receive directly on your own wallet

Your bitcoin are paid out to your own Bitcoin wallet for self-custody. Pocket supports you in choosing and setting up a Bitcoin wallet that suits you best.

bitcoin hardware wallets (from left to right: trezor one, ledger nano s, coldcard mk3, bitbox02, two opendimes)

Why Bitcoin?

Like gold, just digital. Bitcoin exists since 2009 and is limited to 21 million units only. Its scarcity is one of the many characteristics that make this asset interesting to people all around the globe.

Start your Bitcoin journey now

In only a couple of minutes you can start purchasing bitcoin directly into your own wallet. It's up to you whether you want to buy once or regularly.

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Want to find out more?

We've prepared some resources for you with which you can get to know Pocket better. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you still have any questions. We're always happy to hear from you.


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